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N.A.C.K presents its ‘NACKesoteric Kullection. New design label

N.A.C.K presents its ‘NACKesoteric Kullection. New design label

Check out this new amazing style by N.A.C.K tagged Kullection.

The label is owned by Akinpeloye Tolulope (Luto Tailo), was created in 2006 and is designed for the confident man and woman. The designer has described his brand as one with a fusion of Nubian cultures and articulated in interplay of the fashion equilibrium. “It is an inspiration, an identity, an impetus that instills style, freedom & confidence into people all over the world“.

The NACKesoteric collection, which is culled from the word ‘esoteric’ signifying something that is designed for a select few, is filled with animal prints, man made leather and the refined NACK logo. Check out the cool ready-to-wear maxi dresses, shorts, leather tops and polos shirts below.

NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013001-600x400 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013002-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013004-600x400 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013006-600x406 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013008-600x400 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013009-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013010-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013012-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013016-400x600 (1) NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013016-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013018-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013019-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013020-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013021-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013022-600x400 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013024-400x600 NACKesoteric-2013-Kullection-BellaNaija-July2013025-600x400

Photo Credit
Photography: Adebayo Lawson (iamblawz)
Stylist: Starlet j
MUA: Ots_Beauty
Models: Bernard Bullen & Ayoola Bakare Blaws

For more information you can email info@nackonline.com.

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