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House of Gold Review

House of Gold Review

Yvonne Nelson is New to the Production Game. While we all know her as a talented actress , her production skills are still under scrutiny. She first gave us “Single and married” Which was a good effort for a Newbie. This time she came out with “House of Gold” which features some familiar faces like Michael Majid, Iceprince and Omawumi. This movie gets three stars for effort. It was funny but lacked substance. The story line was good but it was quite obvious that they didn’t know how to continue the story or how to end it. This movie had no message and it most definitely lacked depth. It was just as pointless as the first movie. Now don’t get me wrong, It was entertaining to watch but it was also a waste of time. The movie was too playful and a bit too centered on Yvonne Nelson’s character whom was just as insignificant as this movie will be. Ice Prince was also Insignificant in the movie,”sorry ladies” . The movie had a lot of irrelevant over the top characters.We thank God for talents like Majid for giving mediocre movies like the little push it needed in order to hold the viewers attention. Plus a special Thanks to the character named ” john-Bosco” without him, this movie would not have been funny at all.My opinion entirely. Grab your copy and judge for yourself or login to IROKOTV+ to watch it.


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