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Babangida Is The Best Leader Nigeria Has Ever Had – Abiola’s family

Babangida Is The Best Leader Nigeria Has Ever Had – Abiola’s family

Head of the Abiola family, Mubashiru, yesterday, affirmed that former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has being the pillar behind the family since MKO Abiola, acclaimed winner of the 1993 presidential election died in government’s custody.

Mubashiru stated this at Abiola’s Oja-Agbo family house in Abeokuta during the 2013 June12 democracy walk organized by the Ogun State Government.

The deceased younger brother, while addressing newsmen in Abeokuta called on the Federal Government to pay the debt it was owing Abiola, disclosing that Babangida‘s support for the Abiola’s family has been tremendous after the death of their bread winner, saying, the family believed strongly that, it was not possible for the General to kill his former friend.

He said, “Babangida did anything we wanted in this family. Unless he did not know, he would come. He has been supporting this family. He always supports the family. There was a time Abiola’s daughter was wedding, Babangida was here with his wife right away from Minna, sat down with us; he left his wife to stay with us until the second day. She slept in M K O’s house till the second day.

“That is the major reason why I will always support him and I don’t believe that Babangida was the one that killed MKO, no. That is capital no. Everybody knew that Babangida was not in the government when MKO died. How could you say that somebody who was not there did something? It is not possible. Babangida does not know anything about the death of M.K.O.”

Delivering a speech on behalf of the family, Mubashiru described IBB’s regime as the best, urging current governments at all levels to embrace the vision of June 12 by ensuring good governance.

“I want to state unequivocally that General Babangida’s administration remains the best ever in the nation’s history and I implore our current administrators at various levels of governance to embrace the vision of June 12, by ensuring that every Nigerian family gets food on their table and shelters on their heads, all employable youth get jobs while the nooks and crannies of the Federation enjoy basic amenities.”

However, the Federal Government, yesterday, said that it was ready to immortalize Abiola and had urged Nigerians to come up with suggestions on how best to honor the late business mogul.


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